Slowness in Making Decisions?

This is a weakness of Will Power. You know you should do something, but you delay doing it through lack of decision. It is easier not to do a certain thing than to do it, but conscience says to do it. The vast majority of persons are failures because of the lack of deciding to do a thing when it should be done. Those that are successful have been quick to grasp opportunities by making a quick decision. This power of will can be used to bring culture, wealth and health.

6 thoughts on “Slowness in Making Decisions?

  1. I am not so much interested in the wealth, but I do want the health and the other thing–what was it?– and you are onto something that is most important and helpful.

    • Health is the most important one there. Some people say I’d rather have the wealth instead of the health and you really look at them like, dude without the health you will never enjoy your wealth and everything else that comes with it so yesTim, Health is the key. The rest will come with hard work and dedication!!

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