Daily Jokes: What does F**K Mean?

Their was this kid that always got picked on at school. Everyday his friends that went to school always said to him f**k you.Well the dumb kid was always curious about what
the word f**k meant. One day he got real sad and wanted to know what it meant, so he ran home and rushed in the house screaming out for his father. “He yelled
“pah” and then his Pah came out and asked what hell you want boy? The boy said “pah” what does f**k mean and then his pah said,  I think its time you knew what f**k means. Pah then yelled out “Mah” get down here, our son wants to know what f**k means. “Mah comes down the stairs”.  Pah says Mah take off your clothes and get in your position. He turns to his son and says, you see that pink spot on Mah,”uh huh”watch your Pah go to work. Then the boys sister came in the door and says what are they doing? The boy turns his head  with a smile and says they fucking.
Sister asks what does f**k mean? WELL YOU SEE THAT BROWN SPOT ON PAH “uh huh” WATCH YOUR BROTHER GO TO WORK.

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