A Girls Point of View on What They Consider a Romantic Valentines Day?


I asked a handful of my female Facebook friends on what they considered a Romantic Valentines Day. Some of them came out with some freaky zeaky stuff and others with some sensual “I Love you baby” stuff’. So men get your pen and papers out and take advice from these girls!!


 Girl  #1) let’s start with an edible arrangement delivered…possibly chocolate covered strawberries…then of course if you want…beautiful red dozen roses with a white rose in the middle to represent your little one (if you have one)…that’s his rose to his mother…then a nice dinner then maybe you can then spend the nite out at a nice hotel but make sure you prepare the room before arriving with rose petals all over some nice candle lighting to spice up the mood… maybe a nice lingerie (in her favorite color) if she likes those things..
Girl #2) Hmm well to me a romantic day would start with a positive attitude in the morning, cooking some breakfast together or for one another, followed by telling each other why you are grateful and blessed for having them in your life, point out great attributes that each possess so an articulate conversation must be held. Basically reminiscing on the journey both took to get where they are. After that maybe compromise by demonstrating one or more good deed to each other. After that maybe cook dinner for one another or maybe contemplate who’s cooking and who’s washing the dishes lol overall I think a positive day is a romantic one. You don’t have to go all out and spend hundreds on me when what matters the most are intimate conversations and positive persona.

Girl #3)

To be  honest just getting flowers or chocolate and going out to dinner .. and then ending the night with some good sex lol.. I don’t think I have any expectations but I love to get chocolates the rest is just and add-on 🙂
Girl #4) Ok a romantic valentine’s day is— breakfast in bed or secretly made, sweetness all day, sex when and all the time I want it, secret plans for dinner and a great present before dessert, &  there should be  jewelry of some kind, end the night with a movie and candlelit sex!!!!!!

Girl #5)

Candle lit dinner on the beach, waiting to watch the sun come up!
Girl #6) Jewelery, Jewelery and more Jewelery them after that some crazy gymnastic sex ending it with a kiss. Now thats romantic!!

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