Juan Manuel Lopes vs Orlando Salido

I’m speechless on how Juan Manuel Lopes performed last night. He started very slow, shoot they both started very slow. The fight was super boring. As the match continued I noticed Juan throwing punches as if he was sparring with his son. It just seemed very awkward to me. I’m not saying the fight was paid off or something, far from that. He just wasn’t there. After watching the first few rounds I knew a problem was to occur.

It’s sad that he lost a fight so early into his career, I can’t imagine what must go through his head knowing that it took great fighters to beat Miguel Cotto and Felix Trinidad, and a bum knocked him out the ranks (Orlando Salido).

I’m Puerto Rican, so first of all I love my native fighters. That’s not the reason I’m calling Orlando Salido a bum. To me he’s an alright fighter. He’ll never meet the greatest success as the best fighters out there. Sorry to say, I think he did horrible against Juan Manuel. Yes he knocked him out but it took him 8 rounds to beat a mummy because truthfully that’s how Juan fought the night of April the 16th of 2011.

Anyways Juan Manuel Lopes I hope you don’t retire just because of this lost. Get back in the gym and fix them problems ” huge problems”. Orlando Salido good luck on what’s ahead of you, I’m out Lv…..


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