BOCHINCHE ALERT!! BOCHINCHE ALERT!! Jersey Shore Crew Admits That Show Is A Publicity Stunt.. NOT REAL!!!

working at Lecca - Lecca Miami fl  I was down in Miami Fl, this weekend and I came across some stunning news while  I visited Lecca – Lecca for some bomb Gelatos. “Incase you forgot; that was where the cast of Jersey Shore worked throughout their stay in MIA.” Of course like everyone else I was snapping pictures of the place, became very cool with the owner and you all know as a blogger I had to get deep with the questions and believe me, he didn’t mind spilling the beans.  I asked him how they were, if they were cool and all and he said everyone was cool and laid back but the Situation. Mike “the Situation” Sarantino was a spark plug, I never met a dude so into himself in my life. What you see is what you get said the Owner. It was hilarious; I couldn’t stop laughing.

  So after 3 gelatos and another on the way, we continued to talk about the crew. During our conversation he mentioned things to me that were a bit hard to swallow. Reason was because after watching them episodes when they bring home grenades to share a full dish of STD’s, its kind of hard not to believe certain things he was about to tell me. He told me that they were eating and talking about life and Pauly D was the first to mention, “please don’t judge me by the actions being done on the show because none of it is real.” It’s all a publicity stunt to get high ratings. I was shocked!!, I couldn’t believe it myself.  I told him there’s no way, he was like yes way, they admitted to my wife and I. Pauly D told me that he has a beautiful girlfriend and kids at home. Believe it or not he said,  Snooki told me that everything she does is all for high ratings also. She has a boyfriend at home and that it’s all scripted.

I know its Show Business and all, but as a Jersey Shore fan I hope it’s not scripted and if it is, they need to keep their mouths shut and let it flow!! Dj Pauly D, I know you’re a lover not a fighter but we all get judged here and there!!

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