Teen Shot by Police

Cops Killing Kids (WTF)

I want to know exactly what the people in this city really think about this subject that seems to be getting a bit sensitive to many? I was reading the local news online and people are getting very racist out there, it’s crazy.  It seems that every time a colored or a minority kid gets killed or arrested people who live on the other side of the fence throw the biggest party of the year, its fucked up!!

Listen up to some of the comments on South Coast Today:Law Stay Away

 Roger Waters: I know what happened. A cop got stabbed by a hunting knife that had a skinning hook on the back of the blade. He fired in self-defense and one more punk won’t be selling drugs at school.  
This is a perfect example of how crime runs in the family. Look at his family’s criminal record – need I say more. Respect for the law was clearly a lesson that this young man was never taught.
NBhooligan: Segregation of that neighborhood might not be such a bad thing after all, just let them self-destruct.. It’s so sad that people are getting hurt and killed just trying to keep this city safe from those thugs.
Olive Pimentel Jadlowe: Law stay away so that the thugs and hoodlums can have their way!!!!!
I would love to hear what people have to say about this because this makes me angry and I have a lot to say,  so be ready for that.

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