Temple Landing Shooting ( Can We See the Recording Please)

government cameraQuestion of the Day, Week, Month and Year; Show Us The Video Tape Of The Shooting?

Today I drove to Temple Landing to see with my own eyes if they had cameras on the premises that might have caught the incident on tape. Luckily not even a few feet from the incident i noticed a sign saying “Security Camera in Use.”

It took me a few times to drive around the scene to actually find the camera itself, there it was high above the basketball court, but in a great position to catch every move that had happened that night.

So again the Million Dollar question is, are we ever going to get a chance to see the tape? Please prove to us ” the other people” everything that the officials are saying is true. Not all bullshit and lies just to cover up a death that could have been prevented if the gang unit were not to trigger happy to kill a black kid.

One thought on “Temple Landing Shooting ( Can We See the Recording Please)

  1. The case garnered national attention thanks in large part to the reporting of Huffington Post’s Trymaine Lee , who kept on the story since it broke. It caught major national media attention last week, when the police tapes were released, and the New York Times ‘ Charles M. Blow and The Atlantic’s Ta-Nehisi Coates argued that the case deserved greater scrutiny. Celebrities like Russell Simmons , John Legend, and Janelle Monae have taken to social media to comment on the case. A petition at Change.org was recently posted demanding that Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi, the local state attorney, and Sanford Police Chief Bill Lee prosecute Martin’s killer. The petition currently has more than 350,000 signatures, and had been averaging more than 10,000 signatures per hour.

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