Check out Cop rear ends a motorcycle, then blames the rider!

Check out Cop rear ends a motorcycle, then blames the rider!


Jerry Sandusky’s Child Rape Trial

At home watching the Jerry Sandusky child rape trial and I’m catching myself getting very furious. It’s very sick how a person can do this to someone and get away with it for 10 years. I’m shocked that Mike McQueary saw Jerry raping a boy and never dialed 911. I can’t believe he even walked out of the locker room and left that little boy behind with that predator.  Something is not right here; all these people are monsters in my eyes!!

As a parent of two children, its very scary watching things like this because you will never know who your kids will come in contact with when there not in your possession. School, friends house, wherever, its freaking scary. I just pray to God to keep my children’s safe!!

Self Improvement Tips

Stay current on the industry news that your goal falls in. Learn about current trends, company failures or successes, new ideas; whatever information you can find. For example if you have decided to open a retail store and have a great idea and a real passion for your goal, read about that specific store, location, potential, revenue, downfalls, everything. This information will be a part of your business plan and is crucial.

STG Health and Fitness Tip

(Now that you have made a commitment to take care of your body, both internal and external, it is critical to your overall health that you do it the right way. Here are some tips for both health and fitness that will help you lose weight, discover ways to maintain a better healthy lifestyle, and be in the best shape of your life – all the smart way!)

Health: Biofeedback

Biofeedback is a method used to help blood pressure, muscle tension, heart rates, brain activity, and other bodily functions. Basically, biofeedback is a painless system that is hooked up to your body and then through electrical signals received from tightening of your muscles, you would be able to receive those signals by a light telling you that you are tightening your muscles. This in turn trains you to be aware of when you are bringing on stress and to help you identify when you need to relax your body. Biofeedback is very successful and can be used for migraine headaches, chronic pain, high blood pressure, epilepsy, and much more, which can occur when you tense up.

Fitness: Eat More

Before you get too excited, understand that when you eat, it is not how much you eat, but what you eat. If you find that getting fit and eating less food is too hard, add more of the right food into your diet. Great options include an orange, hard-boiled egg, small broiled chicken breast, and fresh vegetables such as carrots, celery sticks. If you have a craving for something sweet, many delicious options are available such as Weight Watchers cheesecake or Chocolate Éclairs. Getting fit does not mean total deprivation.

If You Want to Be aStar, It’s Best Not to Bother with Other Things

Given pursue your dreamthe choice between pursuing a dream career and continuing a life of grindstone existence, most people opt for the grindstone existence. They tolerate abusive bosses, lousy working conditions, and boring, dead-end jobs simply because finding a better job takes time and energy. Moreover, pursuing a career dream requires change and risk-taking. Most people find it easier to stay with the familiar, even if the familiar offers extreme boredom and drudgery.                               

If you aren’t pursuing your career dreams today, you are setting yourself up for much disappointment and many regrets later in life. Not having followed their career dreams is usually one of the biggest regrets people have later in life. It may surprise you, or even pain you, to find out that many people, after having attained fame and fortune, regret having devoted all their life energy to getting there.

 Take, for example, George Soros, the famous currency speculator. Using his financial savvy, Soros amassed a fortune that has been estimated by Forbes to be over $8.5 billion. Yet he claims he would trade it all for a chance to have achieved his dream career. Being a philosopher – not making money – has always been his real passion.

The fascinating aspect of this is that the experience of George Soros is not uncommon. Countless people have worked hard, accumulated a substantial amount of money, and concluded that it wasn’t worth it. They realized that with less money, they would only have given up things they didn’t want or need anyway. What’s more, they realized that they would have enjoyed themselves more along the way had they worked at something they enjoy.

You probably have dreams that you want to pursue and skills and talents that you would like to utilize somewhere in your work. You may have suppressed these skills and talents for years and years because you have become too obsessed with being successful in the traditional sense of the word.

This means making as much money as possible, in the shortest period of time. Perhaps you realize that you can have a more meaningful, more fulfilling, and happier existence only if you make important changes in your life. Allalong~~,_~Ou have put off making a change because you are waiting forthe perfect moment, with the right conditions. Clearly, there is no perfect moment. Waiting for things to get better will ensure that they don’t get better.

To wish your life away in anticipation of living some long-awaited dream sometime in the distant future is to do yourself a great disservice. That future may never come – and in the event that it doesn’t, you will never get satisfaction from the things that you intended to accomplish. Clearly, whether your vocational dreams include fame, creative accomplishment, or adventure, today is the time to start working toward those dreams.

You may have worked yourself up the ladder from nurse to the head administrator of New York’s biggest hospital, for example, only to realize that you would rather live in a loft in SoHo and make a living as an artist. Altematively, you may be working sixteen hours a day repairing safety helmets for an environmental corporation in northen Canada when deep down you want to be like your writer friends who are part of the Starbucks’ laptop-and cappuccino crowd. Whatever you think intuitively that you should be doing, you should give it some serious consideration and explore the possibilities.

 Your work should be the principal expression for your mind and creative talent. You can put your purpose, talents, character, and dreams into a career in many ways if you use your imagination. Many options and opportunities await you, provided you look for them. Only you can determine what you specifically want, however, and only you can put yourself in the right direction toward getting it. In the words of American poet Walt Whitman, “Not I – not anyone else – can travel that road for you. You must travel it for yourself.”

 When choosing a new career, you must make every effort possible to select one that is right for you. “00 not put your spoon into the pot that doesn’t boil for you,” advises a Romanian proverb. Your pot will boil for you when your career allows you to pursue some important purpose that can make a difference in this world. A proper career should also allow you to utilize the special talents that you want to use. To really work for you, your career should be compatible with your character and the lifestyle you would like to lead.

Career dreams do come true for people, but only for self-confident individuals who constantly focus and work on them. Look around, and you will see many individuals living there vocational dreams. People have turned their hobbies into part-time businesses that have eventually become multimillion dollar businesses. Others have given up careers for which they have been highly educated to pursue careers for which they had no education. Despite this disadvantage, they have been able to turn their dreams into realities and create abundance in their lives.

 Long ago, you may have decided that your heart’s desire was to be a criminal lawyer, for example, but now you realize that you really need something with a little more meaning. The ideal is to always work at something that makes a difference, to do the things you enjoy, and to use your most cherished talents.

It is never too late for a career change ~-  the best time to pursue your dream career is twenty years ago and today. Whatever you would like to do, you must set in motion the forces that will get you there. The longer you put off pursuing your dream of a fulfilling career, the more time becomes your enemy. Time will steal your vocational dreams if you keep waiting for the right moment. You can always create more money – but you can never create  more time.

Years from now, as you reflect upon your life, you don’t want to regret not having earned your living by singing, designing software, working with children, building things with your hands, traveling to new cities, or inspiring others to new heights. It may hurt a little to realize that you have only dreamed about the interesting life filled with spontaneity and creativity. It will probably hurt a lot, in fact. Clearly, it’s not what you become – but what you don’t become that will hurt most in the end.





Is One Dog Year Equal to Seven Human Years? (STG Facts of the Day)

The age-old adage that one dog year equals seven human

years derives from the simple mathematical division of the

average human lifespan by the average canine lifespan

It’s true that dogs do age much faster than humans

because of their higher metabolic rate; generally speaking,

the larger the mammal, the slower the metabolism and the

longer the life However, it’s now generally accepted that the

seven-to-one rule of thumb for a dog’s “realistic” age is inaccurate;

for instance, it’s not uncommon for dogs to live to

the age of fifteen, but very few humans live to 105

It’s believed that the seven-year rule should not be

applied proportionally, and that, while it might be appropriate

for the middle section of a dog’s life, the beginning or

final developmental phases cannot be correlated to those of

a human A dog tends to be fully sized and sexually mature

at the age of one, but the same cannot be said of a human of

seven A more accurate method of calculating a dog’s “realistic”

age is to allocate twenty-one years for the first year

(i e , when dog and human both reach adulthood) and then

four years for every additional year.

The size and breed of a dog are also factors that impact

on how fast it ages Larger dogs age the fastest, so even the

above rule cannot be applied to all breeds of dogs In fact,

the older the dog, the more accurate the seven-to-one ratio

becomes Roughly, a large ten-year-old dog is considered to

be seventy-eight, whereas a small ten-year-old dog would

be fifty-six

STG weekly Small Business for Under $5000 Post!!!

Stonemason and Decorative Brick Worker


Description of Job

• Design and install decorative stone and brick walkways, patios, walls, and

garden features.

• Build brick and stone custom barbecues.

• Repair and maintain existing exterior stonework.

The Need

Outdoor stonework in the form of walkways, patios, walls, and barbecues can

beautify a property and increase its value. Stonemasonry is one of the oldest construction

skills, little changed in thousands of years; in modern days it is a craft

not often practiced.


This is outdoor work, with heavy lifting.

You’ll need to lift and place heavy stones, bricks, and tiles and use tools to

shape them. You’ll also be working with heavy mortar and cement.

In some parts of the country, this is a seasonal job that is available from late

spring through late fall.

You may be called upon to design a decorative element or wall or to follow

the plans drawn by an architect or contractor.

Know the Territory

Stonework is in demand nearly everywhere, but with different purposes or styles

in various settings. In a big city, jobs might include walkways, steps, and small

patios. In rural and suburban settings, jobs might include larger patios, outdoor

fireplaces and barbecues, and stone walls.

The traditional method of training for stonemasonry is to work as a helper or

apprentice to a skilled craftsperson. In some areas, unions offer training and formal

apprenticeship programs. You can also learn many of the skills from books,

web sites, and educational programs. The International Union of Bricklayers and

Allied Craftsworkers has programs around the country and a national training

and education center in Maryland to teach basic job skills for brick, stone, tile,

terrazzo, and restoration work.

How to Get Started

If you are already trained as a stonemason, advertise your services with flyers at

home and garden centers, retail outlets, and community centers. Place ads in

newspapers and shopping guides.

Make yourself known to architects, contractors, and landscapers who might

recommend your services to their clients; offer a commission or bonus for work

they send to you. Ask satisfied customers to recommend you to others; in return,

offer them a bonus or discount on further work.

Up-front Expenses

You’ll need stoneworking tools, cement and mortar mixing equipment, and landscaping


You will need a truck or van to transport your tools and equipment. You may

be able to have stone, brick, and other materials delivered directly to the site by

your suppliers; if not, you’ll need a heavy truck with a lift gate or ramp.

Other expenses include advertising and promotion.

How Much to Charge

For a simple job like a barbecue or a brick patio, you can charge an all-inclusive

set fee that covers the cost of materials and your time. Another option is to charge

an hourly rate plus the cost of materials and supplies.

Skilled stonemasons typically charge $25 to $40 per hour for their labor;

unionized workers generally receive a higher rate.

Legal and Insurance Issues

Special notes:

Some municipalities and local homeowners’ associations may

have regulations about the type and size of ornamentation, walls, and fences.






Predict Your Failures and You Will Become A Highly Successful Prophet

prophetMost individuals expect that they can’t accomplish anything of value in their lives – and they are seldom disappointed, The sad thing is they could make a big difference in this world if they didn’t anticipate failure. “There isn’t a person anywhere,” asserted Henry Ford, “who isn’t capable of doing more than he thinks  he can.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Even Even the most gifted individuals – whether plumbers, poets, or pediatricians – will not accomplish much in this world, however, unless they free themselves from their self-imposed limitations. Confidence is everything when it comes to achieving success. Lack of faith in their own abilities is the main reason that most people don’t come close to achieving their full potential. Self-doubt is much more prevalent than you may think. Everyone in this world, in fact, harbors self-doubt to some degree.                                                                                                                                                      Like virtually everyone else in this world, you can accomplish more than you think you can. Most of your limitations are in your mind. The danger is that your false self-doubts can become real. Negative expectations bring about negative results. When you keep saying that things won’t work out for you, you will get to be right about it. To look at this another way, predict your failures and you will become a highly successful prophet with an impressive track record.                                                                                                                                                                                         It is important that you ignore any self-talk about why you can’t accomplish something significant. Just as important, you must ignore other people who are just too willing to talk you out of trying something challenging. When you have faith in your abilities, it matters little when others say that your biggest goals cannot be achieved. In fact, if you have a winning attitude, you will be motivated even more to accomplish your goals when someone declares that these goals are unattainable. You will also discover the incredible satisfaction that comes from doing what others say you aren’t capable of doing. We all want to leave a mark on this world. We want to know that our life matters, that we make a difference somehow. So don’t let your past failures hold you back. It’s easy to let failure go to your head. If you have recently been experiencing obscurity, low self-esteem, unhappiness, or frustration, you have likely been doing something wrong.                                                                                                                                                        Don’t buy into the sentimental notion that success is an absurd, erratic thing attainable only by a few of the extremely talented. You have to break out of the rut and find some mountain to climb. “Argue for your limitations,” wamed Richard Bach, “and sure enough they are yours.” You shouldn’t settle for less than you are capable of attaining. Why settle for average when your talents – combined with motivation and effort – can put you far above average?                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Whether it’s making new friends or having a more fulfilling career, a dream not acted upon will remain just a dream. The strongest single factor in attaining any one of your dreams is self-esteem – believing you have talent and creativity, believing you deserve your dream, and believing that it is possible for you to attain the dream.                                                                                                                                                             All things considered, the greatest failure is the person who doesn’t try. When you spot an opportunity, you must be willing to do your best to capitalize on it. Give yourself permission to try and give yourself permission to fai!. Failure will bring out your ignorance. Celebrate both your failure and your ignorance, because if you do, you will become wiser. And don’t forget to give yourself permission to succeed. With success, you will become even wiser.                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Roman poet Virgil concluded, “They can because they think they can.” You must convince yourself that your limits are smaller and fewer than the imaginary ones you have been subjecting yourself to. lust getting by when you can do much better is no way to spend the rest of your life. There comes a time when you must get your act together and show the world and yourself what you can do.